Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rd 2

Leko -

Of course, we don't really know what went on in Bareev's mind when he played 31... Bg3. It seems that he was expecting to get at least two pawns for his bishop and an exposed white king, but in the end he ended up with a single pawn for his piece and an attack that lost steam. Bareev's other options were 31... Ra5 or 31... Rc5. Leko continued 32. fg3 Rf1+ 33. Nf1 Rd1 34. Re3 and white's position did not collapsed from the attack. 1-0. Now, another variation of the sacrificial attack is 31...Bg3 32. fg3 Qg3+ 33. Qg3 Ng3 34. Ref2 Rf2 ( 34... Nf1 35. Nf5 ef5 36. Kf1 is very good for white ) 35. Rf2 f5 36. Be5 with Leko still ahead.


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