Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gm 6
Shirov -
Shirov evens the score with this win over Adams. Instead of showing you the final position, I have move 35... Kb3 where I think, in my humble amateur's opinion, the balance was tipped. No doubt, Adams was aware of the runaway C pawn when he went for b3, assuming that his bishop can stop this passed pawn ( after 36. bc) while he pushed his queenside pawn majority. So, play continued with 36. bc Ka3 37. c6 38. g4 ( taking away the f5 square from the bishop ) Be8 39. c7 Bd7 ( all forced ) 40. Nd3 ( threatening a fork! ) Ka5 41. Nc5 Bc8 42. Ne4 Kb6 43. Nf6 and from here you can see how White won using his unopposed three-pawn majority on the kingside. 1-0


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