Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rd 1
Paulina -
Expert beats GM. Possible? Yes! Here's the position on White's 39th move. Kinda obvious, isn't? But, let's not second guess the Expert. So, GM Erenburg's destruction began with 39. Qh4 Kg8. GM Erenburg's move is not even a line Fritz9 considered. The almighty computer suggested 39... h5 40. Ng6+ Kg8 41. Ne7+ Kf7 42. g6 Ke6 43. g7 Rb8 and so on, giving White an advantage of +- (11.12). Wow! Ok, the game went 40. Qh6 Rf7 41. Nf7 Kf7 42. Qh7+ Ke6 43. Qe7+ Kf5 44. Qe5+ Qe5 45. de5 e3 46. Rc2 Bd5 47. Rc7 1-0 There is hope for all of us lower-rated players!


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