Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chessbuff goes to Hollywood

Actually, I am going to Houston,Texas tomorrow. So, time pressure might not allow me to get another post in until I get settled down there. Don't you hate time pressure? Most of my week and a half will be spent in Houston, but a short trip to the French Quarter of New Orleans is a possibility... spent a couple of nights there about a year before Katrina, and we ( my wife included ) had a blast... visiting the grave ( or tomb ) of Paul Morphy was high on the agenda... made sure of that...This time, I will visit the house of his birth on Chartres Street and then the house where he lived and died on Royal Street.

...Will check out the Houston Chess Club and write a report. I might even get to play in one of their evening tournaments. Fortunately, only three miles separate my base of operations from the club. So, it's an easy drive.

You can surmise that this is going to be a pleasure trip. I would have loved to come down to Texas during the deepest part of winter in New Jersey, but...Things don't always go the way you want them. As for other pleasures, I will seek them in the numerous eateries that serve Asian food!


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