Thursday, May 17, 2007

Off to the races!

Well, actually, it's the New York State Open chess tournament at Lake George. I have never attended this event, and maybe it is time. Hey, while I am 50-yrs young! The time control will be a very easy G/150, lotsa time really. Over the years, I've gotten the impression that this tournament has low attendance. I could be wrong, and I will surely see for myself. First round will be at 7pm Friday. It would also be the first time my wife is coming along. No, she's not a chessplayer but she loves antiques and shopping. I think there is enough up there to keep her busy for saturday and sunday. Warrensburg, a town approximately 5-mins away by car, is known as the antiques capital of the Adirondacks. That kinda energized her interest plus there is a town-wide sale at Athol, another few minutes from Warrensburg. This town-wide sale boasts of 100 sellers. Ok, you will find a lot of junk in garage sales but it is the hunt for that item that rings your bell that matters. Then, there are the clothing outlets. Actually, Lake George is not a bad area to hold a tournament for married people! I play while she shops.


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