Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gm 4
Gurevich -

With this victory, Leko wins the match against Gurevich by a score of 3.5 - .5. This is actually the final position at move 40... Ne7. I reckon from a Grandmaster's point of view, White is clearly lost. The intriguing question is, why? Well, no doubt, it has something to do with the weak b4 pawn that the bishop must defend while Black tries to promote the E pawn. The positioning of the kings is very important. Play would have continued with 41. Be3 Nd5 42. Bc5 Ke6 ( the important square f5 was twice protected in the last moves ) 43. h4 e4 44. Bf8 g6 45. Bc5 Ke5 and Black is on his way to winning. If instead 43. Kg5, then 43... e4 cuts off the king who will doubleback with 44. Kg4. Then, 44... Ke5. Black will ultimately produce a win either by promoting the pawn or mopping up white's queenside pawns after exchanges.


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