Saturday, April 14, 2007

This one is from ICC, 5/0 game, and black had just played 16... nc6-na5. Well, I was planning to move my queen to c2 anyway so that saves me a tempo. It looked like my opponent had his eyes on c4, a nice outpost for his knight.
So, 17. qc2, nc4 followed, and i am not going to pontificate about missing the h7 pawn because this was a blitz game afterall. However, that's where things begun to unravel for black. I answered 18. bh7+ kh8 19. be4 bc5 20. bb7 qb7 21. re4 and all of a sudden black is in crisis. Black played 21... g6 to shut out my queen but after 22. bf6+ kg8 23. rh4 things looked very grim for black as mate was threatened on h8. As always, one has to thrash around before accepting the inevitable. Black shot at me with 23... bf2+ 24. kf2 qf5+ 25. nd4 and there were no more ways to delay the mate. This is just an example on how things can quickly go to pot for... any of us, actually.


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