Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 2007
Here's a stunning upset by a relatively unknown Filipino player, playing the black side of a QGD, over GM Shipov at the Sydney International Open. First of all, Fritz4 already thinks that Bernardino has a better game especially after this continuation 21. be7 re7 22. qh6 f6 23. qg6 hg 24. qg4 qd5 25. b3 rd8 -+ ( -2.63 ).
Okay, let's pick it up from the point of no return. GM Shipov played 21. Ne5. I think somehow Shipov was banking on weakening the g6 and e6 pawns and from there launch a winning attack. Play continued 21...f6 22. bf6 bf6 23. qh6 be5 24. ed qh4 25. bg6 qg4+ 26. kfi ba6+ 27. rd3 bd3+ 28. bd3 nf5 29. bf5 ef 30. e6 qc4+ 31. kg1 re7 and white resigned. So, Bernardino still had to " run with the ball " for a while before he got his win.
Someone reported that the upset moved Bernardino to shed tears of joy.


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