Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two ways to skin a cat...

This position is from a game I was kibitzing on the web. At the present moment, white is a rook down but the black knight on b3 is hanging. If white captures the knight with QxN, then his own knight on f3 will become en prise to the black queen on f6. there is no nifty discovered attack on the black queen by moving the bishop on D3 if ever black plays QxN. However, white had a couple of good options. In the game, white played 11. Nh5! The black queen is trapped. Nasty. Interestingly enough, white also had 11. g5 with the same result. Inspite of the loss of the queen, black isnt bad at all since after 11... Qf3 12. Qf3, Nc1 13. Kg2, Nd3 black has a rook, and two minor pieces for his queen. Maybe white should play 13. Bb1 followed by 14. Kg2 to get a piece back.


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