Thursday, December 29, 2005

Queen Sac Gone Awry

Here's a position in the last round of the 2005 Empire City Open at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City. Before the round began, I asked my opponent if he intended to play out this game or settle for an early draw so we can head home early. He said that he wanted to play the game, and so we played. We reached this position where I had just played 36... Be4. I thought that this was the killer move that would finally breakdown white's defenses. Mate is threated on G2 and if the rook on F3 moves to G3 the black queen will capture the rook on F1. So, my opponent thought for a short while and with utmost authority plunked his queen on the E7 square, 37. Qe7+ . An incredible move! I was taken aback and my reaction was of an " uh oh, I overlooked a fine move. " It wasnt long till I realized that my opponent was banking on a capture on F7 by the rook on F3 with a check and an attack. This failed on account of 37... Re7 38. fe+, Ke8 and there will not be any life-saving check by
white on the black king. White resigned after a couple more moves.


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