Friday, December 30, 2005

Empire City Open 2005

After losing my first two games in the two-day schedule, I re-entered in the one-day schedule with the first three rounds played at G/30. I won my first round game and this position came up in the second round. My opponent figured he had found a brilliant sacrifice that would net him two pawns and a rook for a bishop. He struck with 29... Bd4 . I could, of course, move the rook on C5 and settle for the loss of a pawn. However, upon investigation, it seems my opponent overlooked something! 30. ed, Qd4+ and I countered with 31. Qf2! protecting the king and rook at the same time.

I had only three and a half minutes left on my clock at this point while my opponent had around five to six minutes. It is not that he lost a bishop outright. He came out two pawns ahead on the kingside for it, and more work and time are needed to convert my advantage into a win. So, the position was still unclear. Play continued 31... Qd6 32. Bb3, Qa6 33. Rc6, Qa3 34. Qc5, Qb2 35. Rc7, RbD8 36. Qc3, Qe2 37. Qf3, Qd2 38. Rd1, Qa5 39. RxR, QxR and we agreed to a draw.


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