Friday, December 23, 2005

A Choice of Rooks

Quite often, we come to a point where we must choose which rook to move. Here is an example that shows the difference between the rooks. Before I lost this game in the endgame as white, this position came up right off the opening stage. I wanted to chase the black queen off its perch on D4, and played 12. RcD1? Yes, I am assigning a question mark to the move in respect to a golden opportunity that I missed. If I had played 12. ReD1 instead, leaving the rook on C1 to exert its influence on the C file, the black queen would have been trapped. Here's what would have happened, 12... Qc5 ( the only square the left for the black queen ) 13. Nb5! and black queen has no place to hide from the rooks on C1 and D1.


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